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KUMA, LLC. is the world leader in the new market for Episodic Video Games - intense, 3D gaming experiences delivered to PCs in weekly episodes. KUMA's free games are ad supported, granting access to high-end console-quality game play to mass market consumers.

Each week, players' PCs are updated with the latest gameisode from their favorite series inspired by just-released TV shows, real world news events and pop culture happenings. With over 150 gameisodes currently available in ten titles, KUMA Games has an excess of 20 million users, with an additional 250,000 new players signing on each month. KUMA's synergy with traditional TV programmers such as THE HISTORY CHANNEL®, BIOGRAPHY Channel®,and ANIMAL PLANET® makes television more dynamic and more relevant to a media and tech-savvy generation while presenting distinct marketing advantages for TV partners, advertisers, content owners and distributors. With an unprecedented level of user interactivity, KUMA represents a direct analog for television within video games. KUMA Reality Games, headquartered in New York, is a privately held company.

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